The saying, “you can’t pick your neighbors,” sometimes extends to wildlife as well. Food is food and may attract an unintended guest or a predator of your beloved backyard birds. The good news is that the presence of predators means you’ve created a healthy food web. The occasional visit by a raccoon, bear, or coyote is ok, but if they are coming around regularly, you may need to better secure whatever is attracting them. For example, bird feeders should not be close to the ground or attached to anything that provides easy access to uninvited animals. Harvesting garden foods as soon as they are ripe or using scare tactics like motion sensor lights can help deter unwanted wildlife. If nothing seems to work and you continue to have a visitor who could cause property damage or become a public safety hazard, there are options for live trapping and removal. Read more on the Wondering About Wildife blog series or check out the online Neighborhood Best Practices courses about wildlife. 

Ways to Support Local Wildlife