You can absolutely get sufficient protein from plant-based sources. High protein foods include all kinds of beans and nuts, oats and quinoa, along with spinach and artichokes. Dairy foods like eggs, cheese, milk and Greek yogurt are protein-packed as well. Locally caught seafood is high in protein too, yet Americans eat far less seafood and vegetables than dietary guidelines recommend. Even though we eat less meat than we did a decade ago, we’re still consuming about 55 pounds of beef per person per year, second only to Argentina. This comes with a heavy price for our planet: The land, water, livestock food and energy required for meat-centric diets is responsible for about one-fifth of global emissions. Shifting our diets to include more plant-based foods reduces land clearing, fertilizer use, methane from burping cattle, and greenhouse gas emissions. Filling our plates with fresh, local fruits and vegetables is one of the most powerful actions we can take toward a sustainable planet.

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