Grow, Savor, Compost

I live in a condo. Is it possible for me to grow food?

Yes, you can. With a little creativity, and a sunny spot on a patio or balcony, you can grow herbs and vegetables. Herbs are great starter plants for apartment and condo dwellers. They do well in pots or planters (try self-watering containers like Earthboxes or City Pickers), grow quickly, are attractive, and have a long harvest season if continually snipped –which you’ll want to do because fresh herbs are a wonderful addition to food and craft cocktails. Small fruit trees, such as Meyer lemons, also do well in containers. Lettuce grows in just about any container with a drain hole.

Other growing methods:

  • Hanging Baskets (strawberries, cherry tomatoes, peppers)
  • Ladders: Place pots at the base of ladders or lattice work for vining plants to climb (Grapes, tomatoes, squash and beans)
  • Raised Planter Boxes: These are elevated garden containers filled with soil that can be used year after year. They’re easier on your knees since you don’t have to stoop down to tend your veggies. Buy raised planter boxes or make them yourself by setting planters on blocks stacked to whatever height you prefer. Find simple building plans online by searching “elevated garden beds” or “table gardens”.
  • Vertical Planters. Turn a wood pallet on its side, then fill with soil or with pots of herbs or trailing plants like strawberries.

Pro Tip: Most edible plants need at least six hours of sun per day, so you’ll need to plan your garden based on when and where the sun hits your outdoor space, allowing for the shift in sun through the seasons.


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