A solar system is no- to low–maintenance once it is installed because it does not have any moving parts. Regular rainfall tends to help keep the panels free of dust, salt deposits, and other debris. Otherwise, periodic cleaning may be needed to make sure the panels are clear and able to capture as much sunlight as possible. Some installers offer maintenance services with the purchase of a solar array. Many also allow you to monitor how much electricity your system is producing online in real time, so any changes in normal production levels may help you detect problems. More FAQs on solar PV

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LED bulbs are 75 – 80% more efficient than incandescent bulbs, which means in order to save the same amount of money by turning off incandescent bulbs, you would need to have your lights off 75 – 80% longer than you would if you had LEDs. For example, having an LED light bulb on for 4 hours uses the same amount of energy as a traditional incandescent bulb does in just 1 hour.

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